Grand Step Co., Unit 5, Second Floor, Kourosh building next to the infirmary, Samandehi Str., Amirkabir Industrial Zone, Emam Khomeini Str., Esfahan – Iran



About us

About Grand Step Company

Ashkan Plastic Sabz Company (as Grand Step brand) has 14 years of experience in manufacturing, manufacturing and exporting industrial equipment, such as plastic injection machines, industrial chillers, mini-chillers and.. From the beginning, this collection has based its goal and ideal on providing the highest quality products and services. We believe that the trust of our dear customers should be answered in the best possible way. In this regard, we consider it necessary to provide specialized pre-purchase advice, refrigeration load calculation, free shipping and installation, and extensive and specialized after-sales service. Ensuring consumer satisfaction is the undeniable principle of sustainable development of the Grand Step complex. Accordingly, by supplying modern machinery, along with the latest technology and providing the highest quality raw materials and employing efficient specialists, it has established the process of forming a collection whose products are now competitive with European brands in terms of quality.

Due to the sensitivity of the refrigeration industry and plastic injection, Grand Step Company is taking precise and calculated steps to raise the name of “Iranian-made goods”. We do our best to ensure that every customer, both domestic and foreign, has the best experience of trusting “Iranian-made goods” in mind.
The company has expanded its activity chain throughout the country in three sectors of production, trade and after-sales service by establishing active agencies and is moving with great speed.


History of Grand Step Company

Ashkan Plastic Sabz Company started its activity in the plastic industry in 2007. Due to the market demand for plastic injection machines, after the necessary research and studies, it obtained the exclusive representation of the Chinese Grand Step Company as one of the leading companies in the field of plastic injection machines. So, with special supervision and orders regarding the use of quality parts and the use of major global brands, it started importing plastic injection machines. These products are currently working in hundreds of factories and workshops and our customer satisfaction is our support in this way. Following this path, Grand Step Company produced industrial and home chillers. Due to their high quality, these chillers are exported to the Persian Gulf countries.


Why Grand Step Company?

– Provider of the highest quality industrial machines and engineering services
– Free expert advice to choose the most suitable product
– Free shipping and installation anywhere in Iran
– 12 months warranty for industrial and domestic chillers
– Carrying out periodic inspections in order to obtain the satisfaction of dear customers